Antek - Art Director / Compositor

Artist Director and compositor, Antek is the eyes and ears of our team. When speaking about art, he is polyvalent : mockups, 3D modeling, animation, 2D design, video editing or music. Adobe doesn’t have any secrets for him; and his pencil line is always perfect at the first try. Sometimes doubtful, his proposals make him a true driving force regarding the story of Mu Complex.

Blue112 - Lead Developper

Blue is the dev of the team. He is the one shouting when someone wants to display pictures; and he’s the technical reference of Mu Complex. Linux proud user, he always find the game simple. Frequently initiating doubtful jokes, he totally assume it yet. - Just Code it.

Nells - Game Artist / Game Designer Junior

Charm's asset of Cime. Some legends say he is the designer into the shadows, working at the back of the room. But as in all legends, his position is based on dark rumors, absolutely unsubstantial. In fact, he would rather be the nice and sympathetic guy, with a pronounced sense of humor.